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Attached is a typical kitchen remodel schedule that reflects an average timeline. There have been periods where supply chain challenges created even longer cabinet and other product lead times, so please keep in mind that this is a guideline only. It also serves to show you the typical order of activities to keep things running smoothly.

Obviously, some remodels are more complicated than others and phases may take more or less time. Your project may only last 5-8 weeks in actual construction versus the 10-12 weeks shown. Total timeframe from contract signing to completion is typically 4-6 months and is largely dependent on product lead times.

An important reminder for a kitchen…you WILL be without use of your sink and some appliances throughout the process. You learn to find healthy takeout and use paper plates or a nearby bathroom to wash minimal dishes. 😇

To avoid construction delays, do not start a project until all materials have arrived and been checked for damage or missing parts. This does not mean product issues will not arise, but it’s a step to try to avoid them.

Your contractor should be able to share their schedule for your project and keep you updated along the way. Many larger contractors use online project management systems that will keep you apprised in real time. At a minimum, you should expect to get an update on activities scheduled for the week.

Last, but certainly not least…let your contractor do their job and have proper access to your project via lockbox, hidden key, or code access. Your contractor needs to be able to come and go as they please, within agreed upon timeframes. You need to be able to trust your contractor and the craftsmen they have chosen to place in your home. If you cannot trust them, then you are going to have a lengthier and more stressful project.

Having said all that, do not be afraid to ask questions or bring up concerns along the way. Your relationship is a partnership and you both have the same goals.



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